12th English Summary


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Chapter- 1


     -Mahatma Gandhi

“Indian civilization and culture” is a remarkable eassy of Mahatma Gandhi. It is an extract from his autobiography. My experiments with truth. He was great philosopher and spiritual leader.

                     In the present extrat Gandhijee talks about the sound foundation of india civilization which has with stood the test of Time. He also presents the importance of our ancient civilization. He tries to show the difference between Indian civilization of the world can compare with our civilization. It is so, because Indian civilization is related to moral being. But the western civilization is related to the materialism. He says that the roman and the Greek civilization perished but Indian civilization is immovable. Again the author advises the Indian working with hands and feet instead of Machine. It keeps our moral character. He favours of the rural life against the urban life. He thinks that urban life promotes of our wants. Gandhi jee is not aginst what is good in other civilization. He is in favour  the good things from other countries civilization.

                     Finally, gandhijee says that Indian civilization is superior to any other civilization in the world. It promotes of our moral power that helps in developing moral personality, with the half of it we can get happiness and pleasures.

                     In this way it can be said that Indian civilization and culture is a fine essay of Mahatma Gandhi that show the importance of our ancient civilization.

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